My Research

My name is Tomáš Masařík and I am a PhD student at the Department of Applied Mathematics of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics at the Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic. My supervisor is Jiří Fiala. I am also affiliated with the Computer Science Institute of Charles University and I participated in the Center of Excellence - Institute for Theoretical Computer Science. Currently, I am on the internship at the University of Warsaw in the project CUTACOMBS supervised by Marcin Pilipczuk.

My research interests are in Graph Theory: mostly coloring problems, computational complexity and parameterized complexity. A list of my publications is also presented at google scholar and orcid. My preprints are usually available at arXiv.


  1. Diversity in Combinatorial Optimization (J. Baste, M.R. Fellows, L. Jaffke, TM, M. de Oliveira Oliveira, G. Philip, F.A. Rosamond):
  2. Flexibility of planar graphs without 4-cycles (TM): [PDF]
  3. Flexibility of planar graphs of girth at least six (Z. Dvořák, TM, J. Musílek, O. Pangrác):
  4. Flexibility of triangle-free planar graphs (Z. Dvořák, TM, J. Musílek, O. Pangrác):
  5. Steiner Tree Heuristics [PACE 2018 TRACK C] (R. Hušek, T. Toufar, D. Knop, TM, E. Eiben): [PDF]
  6. Colouring (P_r+P_s)-Free Graphs (T. Klimošová, J. Malík, TM, J. Novotná, D. Paulusma, V. Slívová):
  7. Parameterized Approximation Schemes for Steiner Trees with Small Number of Steiner Vertices (P. Dvořák, A.E. Feldmann, D. Knop, TM, T. Toufar, P. Veselý):
  8. On difference graphs and the local dimension of posets (J. Kim, R.R. Martin, TM, W. Shull, H.C. Smith, A. Uzzell, Z. Wang):
  9. Notes on complexity of packing coloring (M. Kim, B. Lidický, TM, F. Pfender):
  10. Duality gap in interval linear programming (J. Novotná, M. Hladík, TM):
  11. Parameterized Complexity of Fair Vertex Evaluation Problems (D. Knop, TM, T. Toufar): [PDF]
  12. Simplified Algorithmic Metatheorems Beyond MSO: Treewidth and Neighborhood Diversity (D. Knop, M. Koutecký, TM, T. Toufar):
  13. Parameterized complexity of fair deletion problems (TM, T. Toufar):
  14. Anti-Path Cover on Sparse Graph Classes (P. Dvořák, D. Knop, TM):
  15. Triangle-free planar graphs with the smallest independence number (Z. Dvořak, TM, J. Musílek, O. Pangrác):
  16. Computational complexity of Distance Edge labeling (D. Knop, TM):

Internships / Research Collaboration


Other (reports, ed.)

  1. Spring School 2018 printed in ITI-series.
  2. Czech-Slovak conference on Graph Theory 2017 printed in ITI-series.
  3. Spring School 2017 printed in ITI-series.
  4. Spring School 2016 printed in ITI-series.
  5. The report from REU 2015 printed in ITI-series.


Room 320, KAM MFF, Malostranské náměstí 25, Praha 1, 11800, Czech Republic
Room 1650, MIMUW, Banacha 2, Warsaw, 02-097, Poland
tel +420 22191 4294

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